Getting to the root cause(s)

Since 2010, the tenth day of October each year has been marked as World Homeless Action Day. The concept evolved through online discussions between people from various parts of the world. Homelessness is a problem that is common to all the continents. It tends to stem from poverty and lack of infrastructure, as well as influential factors such as gender, class, race etc. A need was felt to draw attention to the cause, and activists decided that this day would be used every year to do so.

The purpose of World Homeless Action Day is to address the needs of homeless people at a local level, and to bring communities together through awareness, education and support. It is important for a community to respond to the homelessness that might prevail within it. In many communities, homeless individuals must suffer not only due to poverty but also due to the prejudice they face from privileged classes. World Homeless Action Day seeks to eradicate these boundaries and bring people together to solve the issue.

Some of the activities that take place on this date are as follows:

Activists or ordinary citizens contact service providers like NGOs, religious institutions and schools to create guest speaking opportunities or hold other kinds of fund raisers, so that the homeless individuals in the area may be benefited.

Politicians are urged to channel more funds towards the welfare of homeless individuals and to acknowledge the progress made by social workers on this issue so that more people join the cause.

Interacting with local homeless families to find out their needs, concerns and problems, and then coming together as a community to try to solve these issues. A local tree service in Cherry Hill managed to pull together a great group of employees and customers to help out in the 2014 gathering and will try to do the same this coming fall.

Having individuals who were previously homeless to speak about their journeys so that people are made aware and so that those who are currently homeless may be given some hope.

Health checkups organised for homeless individuals, since they get little or no access to beneficial healthcare. On this day, they may be provided with free healthcare, treatment and medication.

Spreading awareness about problems such as drug abuse or sexual violence suffered by the homeless

Formation of groups and advisory boards that delve deep into the issue to find the exact reasons behind this problem, and to come up with effective and feasible solutions to this issue and related issues.

Much more needs to be done to check this problem. It seems as if the world is becoming more and more insensitive, with spikes being installed on roads to prevent the homeless from taking refuge under bridges, even in cities such as London. The stage and exposure that an ‘international day’ provides can bring these issues to the limelight. In many countries, homelessness is so common that citizens tend to be blind to the suffering of these individuals and look at the condition as a fact of life. World Homeless Action Day emphasises on ‘action’, so that we shake off our slumber and do our part to help those who do not even have the very basic comfort of a roof over their heads.

Making big changes in people’s lives

The World Homeless Action Day is an effort which is held on the 10th of October every year. There are number of homeless people all over the world and this day can bring a big change in their lives if every one of us contributes at his level. This day is observed in all the continents except Antarctica but it is hoped that in the following years, Antarctica will too observe this day.

Concept behind origin

In this age of internet, the world has become a global village and people all over the world can connect with each other very easily. Thus, there arose a discussion about homelessness among the people who belong to different corners of the world. They want to do something for such people and hence, their discussion resulted into the founding of World Homeless action Day.

The main aim

The main aim of the World Homeless Action Day is to make the people aware of the problem of homelessness. It seems that the day is achieving its purpose but this not enough. Homelessness is a serious matter and cannot be solved over night. A long journey is on the way which would lead us to a world free from the problem of homelessness. The purpose can be accomplished by educating the people about homelessness and encouraging them towards local good works. It is a good idea to start work locally as it is more effective to solve a problem at small scale so that it cannot reach the large scale.

Reasons for homelessness

Homelessness can be due to the natural disasters like floods, droughts, earthquakes and more. But the main causes are increasing population, poverty and illiteracy. Another factor which is responsible is the difference between the rich and poor which result into hatred towards the other class.

What can be done?

Other attempts that can be done at single level are donating-it may be money, clothes, food, secondly starting charity programs, educating yourself about the various options you are available with. The most important factor is- don’t ignore the homeless person. Like an ordinary person, a homeless person also has many dreams, hopes, inspirations which are normally broken if they are treated inhumanly. So make sure that you don’t hurt anyone and treat them the same way you want to be treated. Also, the fund amount should be revised every year taking into consideration that how much money has been extra or less. The amount of money that changes hands each day just in local business transactions, is unreal. Imagine if you were able to use a portion of the profits from each time someone needed service on their commercial door and instead of going to the business, it went to the local charity organization to help educate homeless people about entrepreneurship.

The drastic overhaul is in demand to have drastic changes. Both the government and public should collaborate to make this change occur. The government should declare this day officially and awards should be given to the best service providers who provide service to the suffering community at local or higher level. And from public it is expected that they should do what they can do. For instance providing the food or the daily needs to homeless people or providing education to them so that they can become self independent.

The stats are in…

As many as 3.5 million Americans are rendered homeless each year. Of these the children form a larger percentage .These unfortunate people resides in the downtown areas of major cities. Families with children are    pushed to homelessness by unexpected life shifting events. Homelessness is principally the outcome of major disturbing events, disabilities at physical and mental level like depression, drug abuse. It also might be caused due to loss of loved ones, domestic abuse and divorce. Natural disasters can also be the cause to create shaky housing situations. Hurricane Katrina and the Tsunami in Japan are an evidence of the nature’s fury and how it can dislocate people from their homes.

The greatest challenge that confronts homeless persons is to rehabilitate these people so that they can return to a normal life.  Many organizations that build temporary shelters in emergency conditions work in collaboration with service providers in the region. Their main goal is to offer training of social skills, for jobs and finances to make them financially independent and gain employment.

The conception of the idea of ‘World Homeless Action Day’ culminated from debate and thoughtful retrospection by philanthropists and people who had themselves experienced homelessness. It is a worldwide movement, an effort   to resolve this world wide problem. It is celebrated on 10th of October all over the world.

The idea of World Homeless Day is to attend to the local needs of the homeless people ‘and bring it to the notice of people and the community in general and getting them actively involved. Another aspect is to give this issue an international platform by various online campaigns such as Facebook, Twitter.

The main goal is to make a difference in the lives of these homeless people. This can be done by educating masses about the homelessness issue which can be only possible when they are brought in limelight. This also leads to identification of service providers and voluntary organizations.Once you have identified them you can use local agencies like schools, churches, clubs and organizations to make a larger impact by inviting Guest speakers, organizing charity work and organizing social events.  Inviting corporate leaders and senior government officials to such functions can create more funds and sponsors.

We are celebrating so many other Days all the time .This is a day marked for us to take responsibility to create a positive change in the lives of people who are homeless. Celebrating this day can bring generous gains in the form of fund raising, public awareness and creating support groups and followers.

World Homeless Action Day is an an acknowledgement for everyone who desire to contribute to this cause. Starting from your local surroundings and taking it to the international levels this day gives all of us a great opportunity.

The commemoration of this day since 10/10 is a point of reference to monitor its evolution.   It is sad to see that very few organizations have come to the rescue to date. We did have a great contribution from this towing service last year: — they provided transportation for volunteers who wanted to help but didn’t have a ride. People who have been homeless are the only ones who have been actively contributing to this cause. There is a dire need to endorse World Homeless Action Day and promote funds and charities for this cause. Homelessness is about providing shelter state of human beings.

Understanding how to help homelessness

Homelessness is a state in which most of the people of our society are drowned. World homeless action day advocates focus to do something for the millions of people around the globe surviving without a roof over their heads. It is a collaborative effort that is held worldwide on 10th of October every year.

An internationally held event draws much of the strength than a local event, this is the reason that a day is finalized to be dedicated solely to this purpose. Any volunteer who want to contribute towards this day can contact many organizations working towards it and get an overview of what he can contribute. You can even contact the church or a local school and offer your services regarding guest speaking or suggest partnering to raise money. The politicians of the area can be encouraged to release new funds or acknowledge the prime members working towards this good cause. There can be charity events to raise money and the proceeds can be donated to the organizations of these homeless people.

The organizers of this event mark their presence by wearing the same t-shirts and collecting the bunch of homeless people and make them feel special. There are arrangements for their meal, for their clothes etc. Some of the people also offer their services free of cost on this day termed as 10/10. People take up the responsibility of the education funding of some homeless child who wish to read and be literate. Some offer unskilled jobs to these homeless people who can work and earn pretty well for themselves. This way people contribute towards this amazing event and offer what they can to the homeless people, whether you are a professional painter, a skilled singer, or a licensed landscaper, there is definitely a way for you to help.

This day is focused towards making a difference in the lives of homeless people. The activities are conducted to raise the funds, awareness among the people. It is just a gift to the homeless sector of society so that they feel that something cares for them as well. This strata of society feels ignored and pathetic as all of us just try to averse from them. If there is something which they don’t have and we have it then why not share it! After all sharing is caring!

The people around us are nothing but our brothers and sisters. We are the child of the same planet. Whilst one of our brothers and sisters face hardship then how can we fall asleep. Poverty doesn’t let these people sleep calmly. They don’t have air conditioned rooms or a quilt to have sweet dose of sleep. We can’t give them a home to sleep but yes we can help them in every way we can. So give your time and be part of the events happen on world homeless action day.

A single day is just to remind all of us that if there is anything that we can do for these less privileged strata of society then we should lend a helping hand. But yes, there is no day affixed to do something good, you can do it anytime and at any day!

An annual event on October 10

World homeless action day is one of the most appreciated steps towards growth of homeless people; this effort is organized in collaborative way throughout the world on 10th October every year. This day is dedicated for all those people of your community that are experiencing homelessness around the area. This international day helps to grab attention of all people toward this particular group of people and can bring lots of powerful opportunities in terms of awareness, fundraising and useful political power. This day is not intended to initiate a call of action for marching or candle lighting rather it is a gift for homeless sector to provide them enough resources to fulfill their basic needs.

If you are a part of this campaign then it is good to use this concept for welfare of society by gaining some connections with all needy people. World Homeless day brings perfect opportunity for you to initiate your contacts towards church, school and other service providers. You must contact them and make arrangements for some interactions that may lead to positive outcome and bring suggestions for some money rising opportunities. You can start with some encouraging activities that may help individuals to work toward this issue; politicians can be motivated to release enough funds and some organisations can also take positive steps for overall growth.

In most of countries, 10/10 day is used like a benchmark day to calculate the progress per year; it helps volunteers to analyse the charity improvements, overall funds etc. If you are one of the service providers you must attend some meetings in association with some other service providers so that some positive results can be taken out. So many social networking sites are also working for this reason; you can access some of them to be an active member of campaign.

The basic theme of World’s Homeless day is based on three concepts: educate, celebrate and highlight. The first strategy insists on education of common people toward this major issue; some effective steps are taken to make people aware about the situations, needs and expected changes. If some local people take good steps toward improvements of homeless people’s lives then the second phase comes into action where efforts of these local people are celebrated to motivate them further. Just last October, a local group of supporters who all owned small businesses in League City, Texas gathered to make for quite a memorable day. They and other continue to work at highlighting the issue so that efficient people can take some initiative to bring the desired changes.

To take maximum benefits from this day you must try to acknowledge the World’s Homeless day on official level; do some motivational tasks by pointing out the positive steps of various service providers so that more people start showing active participation in this campaign. Try to release some new funds on this date every year so that they can be utilized for some growth. You can also work for formation of an advisory group that can take further decisions on development of homeless people. This day is dedicated for some good cause and all members of society must give their active participation for this worldwide problem. Some positive steps can change life of various suffering people.