Making big changes in people’s lives

The World Homeless Action Day is an effort which is held on the 10th of October every year. There are number of homeless people all over the world and this day can bring a big change in their lives if every one of us contributes at his level. This day is observed in all the continents except Antarctica but it is hoped that in the following years, Antarctica will too observe this day.

Concept behind origin

In this age of internet, the world has become a global village and people all over the world can connect with each other very easily. Thus, there arose a discussion about homelessness among the people who belong to different corners of the world. They want to do something for such people and hence, their discussion resulted into the founding of World Homeless action Day.

The main aim

The main aim of the World Homeless Action Day is to make the people aware of the problem of homelessness. It seems that the day is achieving its purpose but this not enough. Homelessness is a serious matter and cannot be solved over night. A long journey is on the way which would lead us to a world free from the problem of homelessness. The purpose can be accomplished by educating the people about homelessness and encouraging them towards local good works. It is a good idea to start work locally as it is more effective to solve a problem at small scale so that it cannot reach the large scale.

Reasons for homelessness

Homelessness can be due to the natural disasters like floods, droughts, earthquakes and more. But the main causes are increasing population, poverty and illiteracy. Another factor which is responsible is the difference between the rich and poor which result into hatred towards the other class.

What can be done?

Other attempts that can be done at single level are donating-it may be money, clothes, food, secondly starting charity programs, educating yourself about the various options you are available with. The most important factor is- don’t ignore the homeless person. Like an ordinary person, a homeless person also has many dreams, hopes, inspirations which are normally broken if they are treated inhumanly. So make sure that you don’t hurt anyone and treat them the same way you want to be treated. Also, the fund amount should be revised every year taking into consideration that how much money has been extra or less. The amount of money that changes hands each day just in local business transactions, is unreal. Imagine if you were able to use a portion of the profits from each time someone needed service on their commercial door and instead of going to the business, it went to the local charity organization to help educate homeless people about entrepreneurship.

The drastic overhaul is in demand to have drastic changes. Both the government and public should collaborate to make this change occur. The government should declare this day officially and awards should be given to the best service providers who provide service to the suffering community at local or higher level. And from public it is expected that they should do what they can do. For instance providing the food or the daily needs to homeless people or providing education to them so that they can become self independent.

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