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As many as 3.5 million Americans are rendered homeless each year. Of these the children form a larger percentage .These unfortunate people resides in the downtown areas of major cities. Families with children are    pushed to homelessness by unexpected life shifting events. Homelessness is principally the outcome of major disturbing events, disabilities at physical and mental level like depression, drug abuse. It also might be caused due to loss of loved ones, domestic abuse and divorce. Natural disasters can also be the cause to create shaky housing situations. Hurricane Katrina and the Tsunami in Japan are an evidence of the nature’s fury and how it can dislocate people from their homes.

The greatest challenge that confronts homeless persons is to rehabilitate these people so that they can return to a normal life.  Many organizations that build temporary shelters in emergency conditions work in collaboration with service providers in the region. Their main goal is to offer training of social skills, for jobs and finances to make them financially independent and gain employment.

The conception of the idea of ‘World Homeless Action Day’ culminated from debate and thoughtful retrospection by philanthropists and people who had themselves experienced homelessness. It is a worldwide movement, an effort   to resolve this world wide problem. It is celebrated on 10th of October all over the world.

The idea of World Homeless Day is to attend to the local needs of the homeless people ‘and bring it to the notice of people and the community in general and getting them actively involved. Another aspect is to give this issue an international platform by various online campaigns such as Facebook, Twitter.

The main goal is to make a difference in the lives of these homeless people. This can be done by educating masses about the homelessness issue which can be only possible when they are brought in limelight. This also leads to identification of service providers and voluntary organizations.Once you have identified them you can use local agencies like schools, churches, clubs and organizations to make a larger impact by inviting Guest speakers, organizing charity work and organizing social events.  Inviting corporate leaders and senior government officials to such functions can create more funds and sponsors.

We are celebrating so many other Days all the time .This is a day marked for us to take responsibility to create a positive change in the lives of people who are homeless. Celebrating this day can bring generous gains in the form of fund raising, public awareness and creating support groups and followers.

World Homeless Action Day is an an acknowledgement for everyone who desire to contribute to this cause. Starting from your local surroundings and taking it to the international levels this day gives all of us a great opportunity.

The commemoration of this day since 10/10 is a point of reference to monitor its evolution.   It is sad to see that very few organizations have come to the rescue to date. We did have a great contribution from this towing service last year: — they provided transportation for volunteers who wanted to help but didn’t have a ride. People who have been homeless are the only ones who have been actively contributing to this cause. There is a dire need to endorse World Homeless Action Day and promote funds and charities for this cause. Homelessness is about providing shelter state of human beings.

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