Understanding how to help homelessness

Homelessness is a state in which most of the people of our society are drowned. World homeless action day advocates focus to do something for the millions of people around the globe surviving without a roof over their heads. It is a collaborative effort that is held worldwide on 10th of October every year.

An internationally held event draws much of the strength than a local event, this is the reason that a day is finalized to be dedicated solely to this purpose. Any volunteer who want to contribute towards this day can contact many organizations working towards it and get an overview of what he can contribute. You can even contact the church or a local school and offer your services regarding guest speaking or suggest partnering to raise money. The politicians of the area can be encouraged to release new funds or acknowledge the prime members working towards this good cause. There can be charity events to raise money and the proceeds can be donated to the organizations of these homeless people.

The organizers of this event mark their presence by wearing the same t-shirts and collecting the bunch of homeless people and make them feel special. There are arrangements for their meal, for their clothes etc. Some of the people also offer their services free of cost on this day termed as 10/10. People take up the responsibility of the education funding of some homeless child who wish to read and be literate. Some offer unskilled jobs to these homeless people who can work and earn pretty well for themselves. This way people contribute towards this amazing event and offer what they can to the homeless people, whether you are a professional painter, a skilled singer, or a licensed landscaper, there is definitely a way for you to help.

This day is focused towards making a difference in the lives of homeless people. The activities are conducted to raise the funds, awareness among the people. It is just a gift to the homeless sector of society so that they feel that something cares for them as well. This strata of society feels ignored and pathetic as all of us just try to averse from them. If there is something which they don’t have and we have it then why not share it! After all sharing is caring!

The people around us are nothing but our brothers and sisters. We are the child of the same planet. Whilst one of our brothers and sisters face hardship then how can we fall asleep. Poverty doesn’t let these people sleep calmly. They don’t have air conditioned rooms or a quilt to have sweet dose of sleep. We can’t give them a home to sleep but yes we can help them in every way we can. So give your time and be part of the events happen on world homeless action day.

A single day is just to remind all of us that if there is anything that we can do for these less privileged strata of society then we should lend a helping hand. But yes, there is no day affixed to do something good, you can do it anytime and at any day!

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